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With our forex trading bots, you can trade fully automatically (from your phone) without any technical knowledge.
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Built in risk-management
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Save time and stress
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RoboFundz Classic Bot
With our unique Trading EA, also known as Trading Bot, you can trade with the power of bots without any technical knowledge required.
An average of 8% monthly.
24/7 support
Personal account manager
Minimum participation €500,-
Our Structure
Machine learning
Our bot is designed to improve itself and help you build your portfolio consistently with minimal effort.
24/7 Available
Our team is available day and night to solve problems and questions for you.
Your trading account automatically follows all the trades placed by the bot.
Frequently asked questions

What does the RoboFundz Trading Bot cost?

Because we really believe in our own product we only charge a 35% performance fee for the Classic Trading Bot. This means that if you earn €100 with our Trading Bot you have to pay €35 to us.

For the RoboFundz Premium Bot we work with a different model. We will gladly tell you more about it!

How do I get started with the Forex Trading Bot?

Our onboarding process is super simple. You create an account with the broker and then link your trading account to the bot.

Send us a message via WhatsApp for more information.

Can I start without knowledge?

Of course! Our bot does the trading work for you. Through copy-trading you link your trading account to ours and you easily follow all trades of the forex trading bot.

Is there a catch?

No. However, it is important to keep in mind that currency trading involves risk. Thus, it is always possible that your investment may become worth less.

Are you managing my money?

No, we can never access your money. You deposit your money at an independent forex broker. Through your trading account at the broker you can link to our trading bot with the use of copy-trading.

What pairs does the robot trade on?

The robot trades 24 different major forex pairs and precious metals. For example, EURUSD, GBPJPY and so on.

Send us a message and we will respond within 60 minutes!