RoboFundz is a software company that creates automated investment recommendations via bots. These investment recommendations can be automatically copied onto a copytrading platform via signals. The services and information provided by RoboFundz are subject to this disclaimer and terms and conditions. By using this website, our services and/or information, you as a (potential) client automatically agree with this disclaimer and conditions.
RoboFundz specializes in automated investment recommendations from software bots. Recommendations relate to the foreign exchange (forex) market. In the currency market, trading is done with leverage. This is risky. It is important that you as a (potential) client research this well and understand how this works. It is possible to lose your entire investment. Therefore, do not invest with money you cannot afford to lose. About three-quarters of retail investors lose money with forex trading. RoboFundz bots also face losses from time to time. That is inherent in trading the foreign exchange market.Investment recommendations lead to automatic copying of orders via signals. Intervention after an order has been placed can only be done by subsequently closing the order, changing it or executing an opposite order. Not RoboFundz but you yourself are responsible for your investments and choices. By default, you follow orders 1-to-1. Intervening yourself or changing the copy settings is also possible. All orders and transactions executed on the client's trading account are at the initiative and risk of the client and any joint account holder. You can start, stop or pause bot copytrade at any time. You can also close orders yourself or open additional ones. Seek independent (investment) advice as you see fit. By making use of the services of RoboFundz you declare as a (potential) client that you have investigated sufficiently in advance whether your investment profile matches the risks of the chosen signals and that you accept these risks.
RoboFundz itself is not a copytrading platform, broker, financial advisor, intermediary or asset manager. The services and information we offer do not constitute investment advice. RoboFundz only makes available investment recommendations from software bots that can be copied via signals on a copytrading platform. Investment recommendations are general in nature and not tailored to the individual investor's situation. There is no claim that investment recommendations will generate profits or losses.
The investment recommendations are for personal use only. It is not permitted to reproduce, disclose, resell, use for commercial purposes or otherwise make the RoboFundz recommendations available to and/or share them with third parties. The Client shall owe RoboFundz a penalty of €10,000 for each violation. RoboFundz shall be entitled at any time to discontinue the provision of investment recommendations and/or disconnect the client's trading account from a bot, without being liable to pay any compensation to the client.
The Financial Markets Authority (AFM) has established transparency requirements for the issuance of investment recommendations. RoboFundz follows the transparency regime insofar as it applies to automated investment recommendations from software bots. Investment recommendations are of a general nature and not tailored to the situation of the individual investor. You therefore invest outside AFM supervision. For this reason, prior to linking a RoboFundz bot to your trading account, you yourself must assess whether this bot is suitable for your situation, in terms of the associated risks and required knowledge and experience.The broker, where you create a trading account and copy our bots' orders, is based outside Europe. However, the broker is licensed and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Provided clients themselves take the initiative, MiFID II allows brokers outside Europe to offer the requested services. When creating an account with the broker, you will therefore be asked to declare that you are opening the account on your own initiative and are aware that the broker operates outside European supervision and legislation. In addition to regulation by the IFSC, the broker has taken its own protective measures such as negative balance protection. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting them on the website the broker and using this service.
You create an account with the broker of the copytrading platform on your own initiative and subscribe to copy orders to your own trading account. The copytrading platform and broker are completely separate from RoboFundz as a software company. These services are mutually separated and can be used independently. For both creating a trading account and subscribing to copytrading orders, the conditions of the copytrading platform and broker apply. While creating an account and subscribing to orders from our bots, you will receive information about these terms and conditions of the copytrading platform and broker. Please read these carefully before accepting them on the website of the copytrading platform and broker and using this service. Do you live in Belgium? Since August 18, 2016, the commercialization of forex in Belgium has been banned by the FSMA. RoboFundz in no way aims to make residents of Belgium subscribe to copy trading investment recommendations from our bots via the copytrading platform.
To copytrade signals from a software bot, you pay only a 35% performance fee. There are no start-up costs. The performance fee is calculated on the net profit according to the high-water mark principle. You only pay the full fee once any drawdown or loss has been recouped in a subsequent week. The fee due is paid automatically and weekly from your account directly into RoboFundz' account. The performance fee includes 21% VAT. Automatic trading can lead to many individual trades. The associated transaction and interest (swap) fees charged by the broker can have a negative impact on returns. RoboFundz has no influence on the level of transaction and interest (swap) fees charged by a broker. These costs can be seen on the website of the broker. Depending on how you became a client of the broker, the broker may use part of your paid transaction fees as affiliate compensation to third parties. Although you are not paying extra for this (the broker is ceding part of his income in that case), it is good to realize this.
To the fullest extent, RoboFundz is not liable for the quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability, availability or timeliness of the information provided, investment recommendations made and/or orders copied on the copytrading platform. Nor shall RoboFundz be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or other damages that may result from the use of the information we provide and orders copied by users (including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of opportunity, trading losses, and damages that may result from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of this information).RoboFundz's services and the operation of the RoboFundz bot take place online. This involves certain risks, including delays in systems or servers, technical failures, inaccuracies in (the displayed) information and calculations or calculation methods or cyber attacks. RoboFundz is not liable for any damages of any kind as a result of this.